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Manuel Rosales works on the great organ in the Disney Hall, Los Angeles
Paul Laubin
John Monteleone
Charles Pinnell
Larry Robinson
Rigo Santos
Manuel Rosales
Geoff Stelling
Arthur Stern
Jeff Traugott
Dorian Claire
Fred Williamson

Great American Artisans Project

A Great American Artisan is someone who has created artworks that, in theory, could be used for a practical purpose, but are often viewed as art.  Over a period of more than twenty years, I've traveled the United States in search of people who're not just artists, but artisans at the top of their craft, often well known to others in their field. Many were found by reference of others in the same field.

The names on the left are creators of fine instruments, leathers goods, furniture and more - many of which will surprise and educate you with previously unknown facets of our America. All of whom bring their unique artist's talent to their craft.

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