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Scott O'Farrell, hats of note

Scott O'Farrell is a second-generation artisan hat maker, but that's an understatement for Scott. You see, there are hats, then there are Hats. When you step into his shop for a hat, you'll be measured, a template made and the size and shape of your head will be filed away for any future orders. Every head has a different shape, and using old and new technology, each hat is custom made to fit exactly to the head of the owner - they're not interchangeable. Deeply personal, treasured and each one, one-of-a-kind, these are Hats that are truly treasures.


With his Santa Fe shop full of beautiful, individually custom, mostly western hats, he's well known to people in the area. Folks who know hats, hat connoisseurs around the world, as well as television and movie producers, all come to the mountain for their tops.


You've seen his hats on the big screen before, and here are some images of Scott, his crew, and the making of them. 

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