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Personal and commercial productions by Bartone Photography + Films

I discovered my passion for films when I was a teenager. Aided by an old eight-millimeter and a neighborhood friend, I set about to make a movie first about surfing, then about scuba diving - both interested me far more than chemistry or math (fortunately). I located an editing bed and scrounged for a roll of film and set to it. It was the edit that stirred my blood, as I found I could shoot and produce a film that told a complete story. While I maintained my interest in film, other impediments came through the door, and displaced film as the primary occupier of my days. Homework, of course, then music took over. I was a sax player in a somewhat successful teenage band, and when college approached, I finally had to make a choice between film and music. Tough choice. Film won out, and after honing my skills for a year or two, I was admitted to the Art Center College of Design in the photography department. A coveted position, I was lucky to be accepted, and set about to make the most of it. Professionalism and perfection were high on the list at Art Center, and it set me on a path to my profession and passion. I learned lighting, composition, and the ingredients of film making. I've never looked back, though I do still play sax on occasion. Maybe in my retirement...

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