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Paul Laubin

The story of A. Laubin, Inc. began in 1931 when Alfred Laubin, a professional oboist and instrument repairman, dissatisfied with the quality of professional oboes available at the time, built his first oboe. After several attempts, Mr. Laubin was able to make an oboe which met the demands of his own playing career. The intonation and reliability of his instruments impressed his professional oboist friends, many of whom began requesting and playing his oboes.

By the 1950's, oboe-making had become a full-time occupation, and more musicians had the opportunity to own Laubin instruments. Around 1956, Alfred's eldest son Paul joined the business, doing repair work and eventually learning every aspect of oboe-making before taking over the business when Alfred died in 1976.


Paul and his son Alex, along with longtime repairman and instrument finisher David Teitelbaum, now produce about 20 instruments per year. In spite of their small output, Laubin instruments are played by many highly-regarded musicians throughout North America and the world, including players in many major symphony orchestras.

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